How to find quickly your Penthouse in Cannes ?


Your two main criteria for search:

• an apartment on Top Floor

• a large terrace

CANNES TOP TERRASSES can find for you your apartment in the shortest time provided that we work hand in hand.

CANNES TOP TERRASSES is only specialized in finding apartments on Top Floor, so your search is entirely in our expertise.

We work either directly with the owners or co-agency commission sharing with our local partners.

To carry out our mission searching for you, we need to work with confidence and transparency (you and us together, and also with respect to our partners).

In order to interrogate them about your research, CANNES TOP TERRASSES will be assured that you will not take any steps directly from them, hence the need to entrust your search term exclusively.

That is to say, CANNES TOP TERRASSES will become your only interlocutor in Cannes an will centralize property may suit you.

CANNES TOP TERRASSES engages to examine all our partners on your search criteria in order to propose you a preselection.

CANNES TOP TERRASSES engages to visit for you apartments that have caught your attention.

CANNES TOP TERRACES engages to make move for a visit only if the property is the maximum validated criteria with you.

CANNES TOP TERRACES engages to finding you the Top Floor apartment with terrace and comfort you want in a maximum of 13 weeks.

You will have no additional cost to pay for all apartments will be presented with fees included (on average 6% of the selling price, with a share of commission 50/50 if the property was offered to us by a partner).

With this formula "13 weeks max", you will:

1 * Save time

 2 * Gain efficiency

3 * Earn Money

(1 * Time, you must explain your search to only one person)

(2 * Efficiency, as you move to targeted visits)

(3 * Money, caller previously discusses the adjustment of the price compared to the market)


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