The city of Cannes : ideal city

The National Competition cities has awarded the City of Cannes prize for "ideal city."

Cannes places on the top step of the podium cities under 100,000 people.

According to the organizer of the national competition, a city must have made "significant achievements in economics, urban planning, and solidarity to be winning."

In Cannes, three projects have especially caught the attention of the jury:

* The Science and Technology of Image Bastide Rouge, conceived and designed as a place of life for entrepreneurs in the digital imaging category in the Economic Development and Employment.

* Parking said "intelligent", notably with its multitasking timestamps in the category Transport and Travel.

* And finally, "Cannes garden city", with its 93 hectares of urban green spaces in the living environment category.

CANNES TOP TERRASSES gives you the opportunity to live in this ideal city.


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